Over the course of three years, Kyle and Evan began to develop a passion for the NBA. We began to talk about everything under the sun: trades, team chemistry, statistics, and the reality of the game that we viewed all year long. It wasn’t just us, but our family and friends chimed into the conversations as well.

After hearing our viewpoints, a lot of people said we should be publishing this work and have our voices heard. This is the culmination of all of those conversations.

We are fed up of hearing about irrelevant “news” about the NBA (Lebron’s hairline, etc). It’s our goal to really dive into the NBA and talk about the things that matter to the sport. Our goal is to really focus on the Eastern Conference’s Central Division teams. We’ll have opinions and discussions on everything under the sun regarding these teams and then some. So join in the conversation, let’s get back to talking about the NBA the way it was meant to be, and not just focus on big market teams. This season is going to prove to be one of the most exciting in recent memory, and we here at The BasketBlog simply can’t wait.